Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wrestling Family- Not just a Myth.

Being as I married into Wrestling, imagen my surprise when wedding plans came with a "Wrestling Family" invite list from my husband's side. I hadn't met any of these people, but many of them made cameos in family stories told 'round the dining room table.

After an insane whirlwind of a day, I was able to finally meet some of these VIP invitees after dinner and main dances on our wedding day. It was like I had been part of the fam the whole time! I was pretty well shocked at their generosity and welcoming arms. And now that I have my own, always growing, "Wrestling Family", I smile at those memories 5 1/2 years ago.

It wasn't necessarily a fluke that my husband's past had included such special people.
It wasn't terribly unheard of that someone could care that much about you and not share in common DNA.
A wrestling family is a real thing and those of us who are lucky enough to say that wrestling is a part of who we are, are lucky enough to experience the bond.
It is just how it is.

And every year, I look forward to...
putting in that Time-Off Request,
planning my St. Patrick's Day festivities in the NCAA choice of location,
packing my suitcase full of Cream and Crimson,
hittin' up the hotel bar
and Hootin' Hollerin' as those very special people start rolling in from near and far- many of whom I hadn't seen since the last NCAA tournament.

Philly or Bust!

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