Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Ladies of Wrestling, llc.

Officially in business.

What started as just an idea for fundraising for the Hoosier Wrestling Club, got my wheels turnin'. And so I decided to run with it.

Unfortunately, a business can't run on just a clever name ;) So what is it that I plan to do with First Ladies of Wrestling, llc.?

1. Preserve the sport of Wrestling. There are plenty of clubs/teams out there that requiring funding from others. First ladies of Wrestling, llc. offers the opportunity for these not-for-profit wrestling organizations to utilize us as a fundraising partner. Such as we are currently doing with the Hoosier Wrestling Club out of Bloomington, IN. There is a few different ways this can take place, depending on the preference of the Club/Team. If interested in fundraising, please email me, Nicole, at

2. Be an outlet for showing pride in the sport we love. As a fan of wrestling, I grew to become very proud, very dedicated, very excited, and a tad defensive ;) I wore the shirts, I sported some of the fun accessories, but nothing said "I am a Woman, and I love WRESTLING!". Yes, I go to the big NCAA tournaments, I know quite a few alumni-wrestlers from various schools that make these weekends guys-weekends. But I think we can all agree, there is nothing like the passion of a Female Wrestling Fan. Whether you are a Mom, Sister, Aunt, GF/Fiance/Wife- your dedication is A-Mazing. If you are going to park your behind on stadium seating for 8 hours a day, 1, 2 or 3 days at a time, you deserve a shirt that says "I Support a Wrestler!" That ladies, is a full time job.

So what do I plan to offer you?

I have quite a few fun shirt ideas rolling around, and these will be released 1 at a time, with the preceding designs available until officially retired. And don't worry, plenty of other ideas will be released periodically as well.

Spread the word: We are on Facebook- First Ladies of Wrestling. Will update on http:// And will launch a website as soon as possible!

Here is our first shirt- Currently Raising Funds for Hoosier Wrestling Club:

How to Order?

Shirts are $20.00 a piece.

Please copy and paste the 'form' below in an email to

Email address for contact:

Style: Woman or Mother
Color: Bright or Light
Size: S-XL

I will then email you an invoice. I can currently only accept cash (for pick-up orders) or check (made out to First Ladies of Wrestling, llc.). There is a shipping charge that is figured from USPS, this will also be quoted on your invoice.