Sunday, February 27, 2011

Married to Wrestling.: Big Guys need love too.

Married to Wrestling.: Big Guys need love too.

Big Guys need love too.

One of my biggest pet peeves at a tournament is the filing out of fans while wrestling is still in progress. It is not uncommon to have a close-to packed house for the National Anthem and whistles to start the 125-lbers, but before those same whistles are blown for the start of the HWT matches, half of the fans have already decided to call it a day.

Of course I am a bit biased about this topic. I have only ever had a direct personal connection with a 197-HWT wrestler. But now as a coach's wife- I have a connection to all ten NCAA weight classes. Like any other wrestling fan, I can find the appreciation of the different techniques in all weight classes. And I so, badly wish that more fans could find it in them to show support for more than just their favorites. I could not imagine what is is like to be a wrestler, preparing for a make-or-break match while watching the stands file out of the arena in an orderly fashion. Or getting into position for the start of the 2nd period only to hear the chattering of people leaving and a lack of cheering.

It never fails- It is a rant that my husband hears at the end of *every* session- Big Guys need love too!

*NCAAs 2010- Omaha, Nebraska SOLD OUT ARENA HWT Wrestlers Everhart [IU] vs. Kent State Look at the stands...