Monday, September 6, 2010

Gentlemen Only, (except when their) Ladies Forbid (it)

Yet another exciting Alumni Weekend for IU Wrestling. Yet this time we weren't so Stepford Wife.

Erin hitting a sweet drive mid-sentence. Check.
Jaimie's matching clubs and outfit. Check.
Mad Golf-Cart Skills. Check.
Busting out a new set of clubs in the parking lot 30 minutes before the shot-gun start. Check.

Our experience on the course should be sold to Lorne Michaels as a great SNL skit. Stereotypical Women we were- always positive, could find a compliment in the worst of shots, "You Made Contact!". Absolutely Hysterical! Loved every minute of it! And sorry boys- it will definitely happen again ;)

I strongly encourage more ladies to attend next year. It doesn't even have to be a "Guys only weekend infringement". I am sure that we all have enough putting-up-with-a-wrestler material to last us for a Girls' Weekend of our own ;) As far as golfing goes, we require no prerequisites and only have one rule:

"If they don't sell Mulligans, we bring our own :P"

Good Times, looking forward to next September (I'm only guessing).