Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Ladies of Wrestling Fundraiser

Let's be honest- who is more competitive than the two guys grappling on the Mat?

The Women in the stands.

And I believe that to the fullest. Girlfriend, fiancee, Wife, Mother, Sister. It takes a special kind of female to support a wrestler pre-, present- and post- season.

To raise money for the Hoosier Wrestling Club, we are going to sell Women's T-shirts. However, before I put in the very first order- I am putting out a request to anyone interested in purchasing to answer the questions at the bottom of this posting by commenting here, through facebook or by emailing

And of course- I would not have you claim to want to purchase just any T-shirt! So here is the design that we are working with a Screen printer to make.

As a woman, (especially post-baby-body), I am a bit picky about my t-shirts. So please be sure this shirt WILL BE QUALITY! I will be checking out samples before settling as well but I am leaning toward:
  • Women's Fit (of Course!),
  • relax cut,
  • ring-spun cotton blend (Ooo so soft!),
  • no heavier than 5.0 oz
  • Not transparent
  • A little longer than the average length

I am hoping that Kim can work with us and give us 2 colors to choose from

  • Hot Pink
  • Light Pink

As well as different options of screen print to accommodate the important women in a wrestler's life ;) This will be Front and Back screen printing in a Cream Color.


(HWC logo)

What is stronger than a Wrestler?


His Woman. -or- His Mother.

Wrestling. Spectating is a sport.

I hope this gives you a good enough idea of the shirt and that you would be proud to wear one (or have your lady wear one ;))! If you are confused at all, please email me and I could probably show it a bit more literally through a word document.

Without skimping on the quality of the shirt, I am guessing that they may each be somewhere between $20-$25. Of course if we can generate enough interest in the shirts *before* ordering our first batch, it could be more likely that they would be $20 each. But of course- this is a fundraiser and we do want to make some money for the Hoosier Wrestling Club. BTW- for those of you who do not have ties to IU wrestling, but are a dedicated female Wrestling Fan, the logo is a simple HWC.

So you are interested right?? ;) Questions to answer for me:

1- Size? Yay for Women's fit!!! So over a "Man's" Small/Medium!

2- Color preference? I am talking "BAM" I'm PINK! or Awww Pink ;)

3- Are you His Woman. or His Mother. ??

Please feel free to pass this onto any, "Yeah I Live. Eat. Breath. NCAA Wrestling" Woman.